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NOTE: Prices quoted do not include Federal Transfer Tax or any applicable state sales tax

We convert single shot, pump, semiauto, double barrel, over/under, and combination guns.  Because shotguns produce heavy recoil, part of our goal is to create a configuration that fits you.  We are not shy about sharing our opinions, and will gladly advise you on the various makes and models, along with the pros and cons of different loads, barrel lengths, sights, stocks, and other accessories. 

Since our focus is on combat, defense, and survival guns, there are some custom shotgun features we prefer to forgo.  Among these are back-boring (overbore), lengthening forcing cones, and broaching barrels (or installing Hastings Wadlock barrels).  There is much debate over the perceived benefits (reduced felt recoil, improved shot pattern, better accuracy), and drawbacks (no change in felt recoil, worsened shot pattern) of these modifications, but it is our belief they are more suited to competition sporting guns, and have little utility in our applications.  If you are adamant your gun needs any of these these alterations, please contact us to discuss this and other alternatives.          

Unless your state prohibits it, you have the option to send us your personal gun for conversion into an AOW or SBS.  We recommend you first file an ATF eForm 1 online to register your personal firearm as a SBS.  After ATF approves your Form 1, you can send it directly to us for alteration (ATF consders this repair work when performed by a Class 2 manufacturer).  Conversion prices start at $175 for pump actions and $300 for semiautomatics, and include return shipping.  Please contact us for an exact quote on your gun. 

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Any Other Weapon (AOW) Defined

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Pump AOW for sale

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Combination Gun AOW for sale

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Short Barreled Shotgun (SBS) Defined

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BEAR CLAW SxS and O/U SBS for sale

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Pump and Semiauto SBS for sale

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Options & Accessories


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The Social Shotgun Explained


Please contact us for pricing.  Dealers, please send us your signed FFL.