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NOTE: Prices quoted do not include Federal Transfer Tax or any applicable state sales tax

Listed below are both new and used rifles, pistols, shotguns, and exotic firearms, along with a mixed bag of accessories, all on inventory closeout.  Many are listed at or below wholesale cost (NOTE: The prices in this section do not include shipping.  Please contact us for shipping cost on your order.).  Please do not send cash.  Payment must be made by personal check, business check, money order, cashier's check, or certified check.  We ship immediately when paying by money order, cashier's check, or certified check.   All other checks are held five days to clear.  To save you money, we no longer accept credit card orders.  We do however, offer a layaway program for our firearms at no additional charge (50% nonrefundable deposit, payment in full prior to shipment, within one year).

Montana residents can purchase firearms directly from the list.  Unless you are possess a FFL, all pistols, rifles, and shotguns must be picked up in person or shipped to a FFL dealer in your state.  All out of state firearms purchases must go through your instate FFL dealer.  If you have a FFL, please mail us a signed copy with your order.  JPEG images are available upon request for all firearms and accessories on our list.

Most accessories have been in storage a while but are new and in top condition unless otherwise indicated.  They include holsters, police accessories, pistol grips, magazines, magazine loaders, shotgun accessories, rifle accessories, recoil pads, sling swivels, knives, safety videos, locks, hearing protection, clothing accessories, scope mounts, bases, shell holders, and case trimmer pilots.  This list is constantly changing so you might want to check it periodically. 

Military Rifles Shotguns Semiautomatic Pistols Revolvers Class 3
Custom Rifles Combo Guns Magazines & Speed Loaders Handgun Grips Shell Holders
Sporting Rifles Sling Swivels Mag Loaders Holsters, Belts, & Police Accessories Trimmer Pilots
Scope Mounts Recoil Pads Clothing Accessories Safety Videos, Locks & Gun Safes Knives
Rifle Accessories Shotgun Accessories Hearing Protection



SKS new with spike bayonet.jpg (41094 bytes)

SKS, Chinese carbine with spike bayonet, unissued, 7.62x39, $500

SKS Scout.jpg (37401 bytes)

SKS, Chinese para model carbine with fiber stock, long eye relief scope, five round magazine, new, 7.62x39, $650

AR-180.jpeg (27567 bytes)

AR-180, Costa Mesa original, with original scope mount, .223, $2500



M-1 National Match.jpg (35858 bytes)

M-1 RIFLE, hand-built from original unissued Springfield Garand receiver, Douglas premium stainless steel barrel, National Match sights, match trigger, match sling, glass bedded, .308, mint, $1850




Out of Stock



Out of Stock



Out of Stock



Star Model A.jpg (22914 bytes)

STAR SUPER, single action, 9mm Largo (aka 9x23 Largo, 9mm Bergmann-Bayard, 9mm Bayard Long), $250.  NOTE: Many Star pistols were chambered in 38 Super, and due to the similarity of the cartridges, the 9mm Largo will also chamber the 38 Auto and 38 Super rounds.  Be aware that the typical 38 Super cartridge is loaded to a slightly higher pressure than the 9mm Largo, and due to the semi-rim of its case, may not cycle in your pistol without some minor modifications.   The needed alterations can include a slight widening of the breech face (bolt), possible replacement or modification of the extractor, and installation of a Wolff extra-power replacement recoil spring as a safety factor.  As an additional precaution, do not use heavy +P loads in these pistols, even if they are marked 38 Super.   Under no circumstances should you fire the thicker-walled 923mm Winchester cartridge in these handguns, as the pressure of this round is far too high. 

Astra M-900 (color 2).jpg (27022 bytes)

ASTRA M-900, Spanish improvement of Mauser 1896 "Broomhandle", 7.63mm Mauser, $995

Astra 400.jpg (53496 bytes)

ASTRA 400, commercial version of their "water pistol" design in 9mm Largo.  Though not recommended, it also will chamber 9mm Luger, 9mm Steyr, 9mm Browning Long, 38 Super, $425

Para Ordnance P-14 Safari Arms comp.jpg (54473 bytes)

PARAORDNANCE P-14, early lightweight frame, officers model comp barrel by Safari Arms, AS, two extra 13 rd mags, ambidextrous safety, .45 ACP, excellent, $775


New KG9 replacement bolts (stripped), $225

These are brand new stripped KG-9 semiautomatic replacement bolts for your pistol or registered SBR. These are NOT MP-9 machine gun bolts, but they do have fixed firing pins and appear to be designed for open bolt operation only. As such, their use in KG-9 pistols is restricted to those made before 19 Jan 1982. ATF ruled that any open bolt operating KG-9 pistols made after this date are considered machine guns, and must be registered as such. This ruling is based upon the premise that their conversion to full automatic fire is relatively simple. As a courtesy, the early guns were grandfathered in as legal semiautomatic pistols. CAVEAT: Even closed bolt pistols such as the KG-99, TEC-9, TEC-DC9, and AB-10 may be treated as machine guns by ATF if they determine you simultaneously possess sufficient parts to build an open bolt semiautomatic pistol (constructive possession). Therefore, these bolts are being sold only as curiosities and replacement parts for legal KG-9s and registered machine guns (functionality in SMGs is unknown). If you are seeking a closed bolt for your pistol, it may be possible to modify these to work, but at a minimum it will require drilling out the fixed firing for replacement with a closed bolt firing pin.


KG9bolt (1).JPG (34156 bytes)      


KG9bolt (2).JPG (36927 bytes)

KG9bolt (3).JPG (29755 bytes)

KG9bolt (4).JPG (36575 bytes)



Out of Stock




MARLIN built Colt-Browning M1895/14 MACHINE GUN, caliber 30-06, copy of the famous Colt-Browning M1895 "potato digger", which was the first fully automatic machine gun ever used by US forces in combat (Spanish-American War of 1898).  It derives its nickname from the operating mechanism, which contains a spring-loaded lever that repeatedly swings 90 degrees downward underneath the barrel to operate the bolt and feed mechanism.  When the tripod is placed in soft soil, it is possible for the gun to settle as it  fires, allowing the lever to dig into the dirt, leaving divots (or potato holes).  This was particularly true of the WWI era tripods which could be placed low to the ground to avoid enemy fire.  The original gun was designed by John Browning and manufactured by Colt in a variety of caliber's for use by the US Navy and Marines.  The US Army volunteer regiment, 'The Rough Riders', acquired two privately and used them in several engagements, including Kettle and San Juan Hill.  US Marines later used a digger to defend the International Legation at Peking during the Boxer Rebellion of 1900.  Export models were sold to Canada and Mexico where they saw action in the Second Boer War and Mexican Revolution, respectively.   While not as reliable as the Maxim guns when fired in long bursts, the digger was much lighter due to its air cooled barrel.  In 1914 the tooling was sold to Marlin Rockwell, which continued to build an improved version known as the 1895/14.  The "Marlin Gun" saw ground combat use in WWI among Allied forces, and as a training weapon for American soldiers.  Marlin even designed and built a radically modified version for aircraft use, replacing the swinging lever with a more conventional, horizontally mounted, under-barrel gas piston. The model for sale below is the traditional infantry version.  It was built at Marlin during the brief period when John Browning was there to troubleshoot early production problems.  The digger comes complete with tripod, two rare wooden ammo boxes, and one cloth belt (it also will accept Browning 1917 and 1919 cloth belts).  The gun is fully transferable and in good working order, $17,500
Marlin MG 005.JPG (32655 bytes)

Marlin MG 002.JPG (32675 bytes)

Marlin MG 004.JPG (32744 bytes)






Ithaca 37 SBS.jpg (17544 bytes)

ITHACA 37, 13" ported barrel, ghost ring front sight, 12 GA, $525



Out of Stock




one Safariland, LEFT HAND, black, leather, snap, 9mm S&W auto or 40 S&W, $20

Safarilandholster.JPG (34255 bytes)

one Viking, LEFT HAND, black, leather, thumb break, 9mm Ruger P-85/89/90, $25

Vikingholster.JPG (33480 bytes)

two Bianchi 16, black, padded, lined leather, thumb break, fits 4" S&W K frame, Colt Lawman, Ruger Security Six, Llama Martial or Comanche, $35 each



one Bianchi 16, black, padded, lined leather, thumb break, fits 4" S&W L frame, Colt Trooper or Trooper MK III, Colt Python, Dan Wesson M15, Ruger GP100, $35 each


Bianchi16.JPG (55532 bytes)Bianchi16back.JPG (55547 bytes)



Out of stock



two Safariland 114-11 Shoulder System Accessory Harness, tan, leather, right hand, $5 each

Safarilandharness.JPG (42325 bytes)

one Safariland 314A Shoulder System Dump Pouch and Handcuff Case, brown, leather, holds six .44/.45 rounds, $15

Safarilandcuffanddump.JPG (54742 bytes)



two Thunderwear handcuff case, black, padded rayon, removable, $5 each

Thunderwearcuff.JPG (35043 bytes)

four Bianchi 6L Inside the waistband holster, LEFT HAND, tan, suede, thumb break, 4" large revolver (S&W K or L frame, Colt Lawman or Trooper, Ruger Security Six or GP100, etc.), $15 each

BianchiinsideLH.JPG (34428 bytes)

one Kel-Tec P11 metal belt clip, $15

P11clip.jpg (2115 bytes)




two Bianchi 3000, black, steel shanked leather, thumb break, fits S&W 9mm or 40 S&W, $50 each

Bianchi3000.JPG (54488 bytes)





four sets of Bianchi Belt Keepers, black, leather, silver snaps, fits 2 1/4" belts, set of four, $5 each

keepers.JPG (52544 bytes)

one Bianchi Duty Belt Handcuff Case, black, leather, snap flap, $15

Bianchi35cuffcase.JPG (54177 bytes)

two Safariland #3 Outside Badge Holder, black, leather, steel clip, holds two IDs, $15 each

badgeclip.JPG (46848 bytes)

one Pepper Spray Case, black, nylon, Velcro, will fit duty belt, $5

peppersprayholder.JPG (23780 bytes)

one Don Hume Double Magazine Snap Pouch, black, leather, for duty belt, high capacity 9mm or .40 S&W, $20

doublemagpouch.JPG (50930 bytes)

one Handgun Ammo Wallet, brown hard plastic case with snap open cover, 12 round holders for 44 Spec/44 Mag ammo, $5

brnammocase.JPG (30684 bytes)

one Pocket Hard Case, black plastic, foam padding, snaps closed, holds one .45 ACP or high capicty 9mm/.40 S&W magazine, or loose handgun ammo. $5


blkammocase.JPG (37658 bytes)

one Bianchi 6401 Double Speed Loader Holder, black, nylon, cover flap with snap, medium, for HKS speed loaders (S&W K or L frame, Colt Trooper, Ruger Security-Six), $10 each

Bianchinylonpouch.JPG (37195 bytes)
one HKS Double Speed Loader Holder, black, leather, fits up to 2 1/4" belt, for large frame revolvers (S&W N-frames), $15 doublespeedpouch.JPG (42370 bytes)

one AMS Single Speed Loader Holder, black, nylon, will hold J, K, L, or N frame speed loaders, $5

AMSSLcase.JPG (35962 bytes)




two PACHMAYR RUBBER S&W 39, 439, 639, 52, comes with rubber back strap, $25 each

PachmayrSW39.JPG (38540 bytes)
two PACHMAYR RUBBER S&W 59, 459, 659, comes with rubber back strap, $25 each PachmayrSW59.JPG (41875 bytes)
one S&W 4054, unused original factory wrap around synthetic grips, fits 3rd generation compact 40 S&W or compact .45 ACP, $10 SWC45gripR.JPG (35248 bytes)SWC45gripL.JPG (42598 bytes)
two PACHMAYR RUBBER S&W K-FRAME, round butt, small, $15 each PachmayrSWKSRB.JPG (50523 bytes)
two PACHMAYR RUBBER S&W K-FRAME, round butt, finger groove, $15 each PachmayrSWKRBFG.JPG (44766 bytes)
one PACHMAYR RUBBER S&W K OR L-FRAME, round butt, finger groove, $15 PachmayrKRBLFG.JPG (35641 bytes)
one PACHMAYR RUBBER RUGER SECURITY SIX, 151-XXX range and up, $15 PachmayrRugerSS.JPG (47017 bytes)
one PACHMAYR RUBBER RUGER REDHAWK, .41 or .44 Magnum,  $15 PachmayrRedhawk.JPG (41099 bytes)
four PACHMAYR RUBBER TAURUS LARGE FRAME, finger groove, no back strap, fits standard six shot .38/.357 models M65, 66, 80, 82, 83, 86, 96, $15 each PachmayrTaurus.JPG (47116 bytes)




five RUGER P-85/89/90, steel, USA brand, 15 round, 9mm, new, $40 each

P85magR.JPG (25326 bytes)P85mag L.JPG (25441 bytes)

one TA-90, steel, 11 round, 9mm, new, $25

TA90magR.JPG (25223 bytes)TA90magL.JPG (28444 bytes)

one H&K VP-70, steel, 9mm, 18 round, new, $100

VP70magR.JPG (25187 bytes)VP70magL.JPG (26500 bytes)



Out of Stock



one SILENT SLING, black, 1" wide nylon, 54" long, $7

nylonsling.JPG (37198 bytes)nylonslingback.JPG (44231 bytes)

two AMS CARTRIDGE BELT, small (30-40" waist), black nylon with Velcro buckle and elastic bullet loops, holds twenty 223 - 30'06 size rifle cases or 38 Spec - 45 Colt size pistol cases, $15

AMSbelt.JPG (52314 bytes)AMSbeltfold.JPG (45949 bytes)

one CARTRIDGE BELT, black nylon with Velcro buckle and elastic bullet loops, $15

AMSbeltopen.JPG (44128 bytes)

one MILITARY UTILITY BELT, black, nylon, $10

nylonclipbelt.JPG (38833 bytes)

one MILITARY WEB STYLE UTILITY BELT, green, metal closures and eyelets, $10

GIwebbelt.JPG (38266 bytes)

one RIFLE CARTRIDGE CASE, dark green plastic with removable lid, 20 separate compartments hold full size cartridges including 243, 308, 358, 3006, 300 Win Mag, 375 H&H Mag, 45-70, and 458 Win Mag, $2

ODammobox.JPG (38388 bytes)

one RIFLE CARTRIDGE CASE, green plastic with snap top and belt loop, holds 21 rounds of .222/223, $3

greenbox.JPG (30477 bytes)

three CHEEK REST, black, vinyl and Velcro, adjustable and removable, for AR-15 and H&K type rifles, $5 each

cheekrest.JPG (50201 bytes)



three Kolpin Waistband Shotshell Carrier, brown, elastic cotton, Velcro adjustment from 28" to 46", holds 20 shotshells, .410 bore to 12 gauge, $7 each Kolpinshellcarrier.JPG (47190 bytes)
one Waistband Shotshell Carrier, green, elastic cotton, Velcro adjustment from 28" to 46", holds 20 shotshells, .410 bore to 12 gauge, $7 each greensshotbelt.JPG (33862 bytes)
one Allen Company Large Shotshell Bag, black and tan, nylon, belt loops, $15 Allenshellholder.JPG (58210 bytes)

one Browning Shotshell Bag, black, nylon, belt clip, $10

Browningbagfront.JPG (50556 bytes)Browningbagrear.JPG (44498 bytes)

one Evans Side Pockets Shotshell Bag, camouflage, nylon, belt loops, $5

camopouch.JPG (47232 bytes)

six Magazine Tube Plug, green plastic, reduces magazine capacity to legal limit for hunting, $2 each

greenplug.JPG (26469 bytes)

one 12 gauge Magazine Tube Plug, wood, reduces magazine capacity to legal limit for hunting, $2

woodplug.JPG (27394 bytes)

three Tac-Star Rear Pistol Grip, black, synthetic, finger grooves, fashioned after Thompson SMG grip, Mossberg 500/590/600, $18 each

500PG.JPG (43811 bytes)

one Tac-Star Rear Pistol Grip, black, synthetic, finger grooves, fashioned after Thompson SMG grip, Winchester 1200/1300, $18

1300PG.JPG (47722 bytes)

one Tac-Star Fore Grip, black, synthetic, finger grooves, fashioned after Thompson SMG grip, Remington 870, $20

870FG.JPG (44943 bytes)

one Tac-Star Fore Grip, black, synthetic, finger grooves, fashioned after Thompson SMG grip, Winchester 1200/1300, $20

1200FG.JPG (47845 bytes)


one Tac-Star Side Saddle, black, synthetic, holds six spare 12 GA shells on side of Mossberg 500/590/600, $25

500SS.JPG (46611 bytes)

one Tac-Star Side Saddle, black, synthetic, holds four spare 12 GA shells on side of Mossberg 835, $25

835SS.JPG (33747 bytes)

four Remington 2-Shot Magazine Tube Extension Kits, flat black, metal, extends magazine capacity to six rounds (plus one in the chamber), fits Remington 870/1100/11-87 with at least 18" barrel, $35

870ext.JPG (46641 bytes)

one Universal Barrel Mount for Laser or Light, $5

barrelmount.JPG (38759 bytes)

one GMG Padded Barrel Mount for Laser or Light, $7

GMGbarrelmount.JPG (36778 bytes)

one Colonial Screw In Choke Tube, 12 GA, full, super steel, $15

one Screw In Choke Tube, 12 GA, full, $10

one Screw In Choke Tube, 12 GA, modified, $10

one Colonial Screw In Choke Tube, 12 GA, improved cylinder, $10

one Colonial Screw In Choke Tube, 12 GA, modified, $10

one Colonial Screw In Choke Tube, 12 GA, full, $10

one Walker Screw In Choke Tube, 16 GA, modified, $10

one Walker Screw In Choke Tube, 16 GA, full, $10

one Walker Screw In Choke Tube, 16 GA, improved cyclinder, $10

chokes (2).JPG (34795 bytes)



Out of Stock




ten 1001-2, for most bolt action rifles, $5 each UMQD1151001.JPG (35092 bytes)

three 1461-2, Ruger 10/22 and .44 Carbine, $10 each

UMRugerQD115.JPG (7709 bytes)

one 1597-2, for most 20 GA shotgun barrels or magazine tubes between .70"-.75" diameter, $7

UMQD115SG.JPG (34683 bytes)
one 1481, Browning BLR, $5 UMBLR.JPG (35164 bytes)

five 1181-2, Remington 742 ADL, $8 each

UM742.JPG (38740 bytes)
three 1171-2, Remington Model Four, 7400, $8 each UM7400.JPG (35315 bytes)




(made from the finest railway ties)


six BULLET KNIFE, large 3 3/4" folding drop point blade, wood grips, brass base and guard, $5 each

Bulletknifeopen.JPG (28846 bytes)Bulletknifehalfopen.JPG (24904 bytes)

three SKINNER,  3 1/2" upturned point, leather sheath, synthetic handle, no need to worry about ruining your favorite knife when you have a few of these around to do the dirty work, $5 each

Skinner.JPG (46331 bytes)

three BIG JACK, 5" folding lock blade Bowie clip point blade, wood grips, brass pins, $5 each

BigJack.JPG (30831 bytes)

four ARKANSAS TOOTHPICK,  12" blade, round wood grips, brass guard and pommel, leather shealth, great for reenactments, $15 each

Arkansastoothpickbrass.JPG (42075 bytes)Arkansastoothpick.JPG (40085 bytes)

one BOWIE KNIFE, 9 1/2" heavy blade, wood grips with steel shank, looks like the originals made in the 1830's, leather sheath, great for reenactments or fightin' grizzlies, $25

BowieR.JPG (34356 bytes)BowieL.JPG (32774 bytes)

one BROWN LEATHER SHEATH, belt loops, snap flap, will hold 3-4" folding knife, $5

sheath.JPG (32885 bytes)




one PER-FIT EAR PLUGS, soft, washable, lightweight, connected by cord, stores in dummy shotshell casing, $4

earplugs.JPG (41071 bytes)




FIREARMS SAFETY AND YOUR FAMILY, this professionally produced 30 minute introductory VHS videotape covers safe firearms handling procedures; child proofing and training; travel, carry, and storage techniques; and legal considerations.  Close-up demonstrations are provided on the proper ways to load and unload the most common types of handguns, shotguns, and rifles.  The video is suitable for viewing by children 12 and older, and useful for instructing both novice and professional firearm students.  Price is $10, including shipping.      

safetyVHS.JPG (38782 bytes)

two MASTER GUNLOCK, detachable trigger lock with keys, $10 each

gunlock.JPG (47030 bytes)



MINUTEMAN T-SHIRT, 50/50 cotton blend, variation of famous illustration of minuteman with musket and plow, musket has been replaced with an AR-15, picture is bordered by a quote from New Hampshire patriot General John Stark, "Live Free or Die", specify color (blue, white, tan, gray), and size (medium, large, extra large), price reduced because patriot is misspelled patroit, $5 each

shirtLFOD.JPG (42676 bytes)
MINUTEMAN T-SHIRT, 50/50 cotton blend, variation of famous illustration of minuteman with musket and plow, musket has been replaced with an AR-15, beside him is printed the entire second amendment from the Bill of Rights, specify color (blue, white, tan, gray), and size (medium, large, extra large), $8 each shirt2ndamend.JPG (38736 bytes)shirt2ndamendwords.JPG (36294 bytes)

MINUTEMAN T-SHIRT, 50/50 cotton blend, variation of famous illustration of minuteman with musket and plow, musket has been replaced with an AR-15, beside him is printed Thomas Jeffersons's statement "No Free Man Shall Ever Be Debarred the Use of Arms", specify color (blue, white, tan, gray), and size (medium, large, extra large), $8 each

shirtJefferson.JPG (45253 bytes)shirtJeffersonquote.JPG (44863 bytes)

MINUTEMAN T-SHIRT, 50/50 cotton blend, variation of famous illustration of minuteman with musket and plow, musket has been replaced with an AR-15, the picture is bordered by the challenge "They Won't Get This One Either", specify color (blue, white, tan, gray), and size (medium, large, extra large), $8 each

shirtTWGTOE.JPG (47254 bytes)




seven 700, Browning HP (FN bolt action), H&R 300/301, Husq/FN/Mauser 98, Parker Hale 1200 (late model) , $15 per set

two 702, Browning A-Bolt, $15 per set

two 704, Mauser Interarms Mark X, $15 per set

two 707, Remington Model 7, $15 per set

five 710, Marlin 336/36/62/444/1894, Glenfield 30/30A, Revelation 200, Westerfield 740, $15 per set

two 725, Remington 740/742/760, Savage 170, $15 per set

two 741, Savage 110, $15 per set

one 750, Winchester 70/670/770/pre-64 Model 70, $15

one 751, Winchester 94 Angle Ejection, $15

Ironsighterrings.JPG (43649 bytes)



two WEAVER .22 SEE-THRU SCOPE MOUNTS, for .22 rifle scopes with 7/8" tubes, $10 per set

Weaver22.JPG (41529 bytes)



one LEUPOLD STANDARD S&W BASE WITH TWO RINGS, silver, fits K, L, and N frames, $30

LeupoldSWrings.JPG (44265 bytes)


M1scopebase.JPG (47278 bytes)

one REDFIELD 580003 HIGH RING MOUNT (Weaver style), $15

one REDFIELD 580002 MEDIUM RING MOUNT (Weaver style), $15

one REDFIELD 521020 SWING OVER 70-A SCOPE MOUNT BASE FOR WINCHESTER 70, above serial # 66,350, $15

one REDFIELD 511147 JR 300 SCOPE BASE MOUNT FOR H&R 300/301/333, $15



Redfieldbase.JPG (39227 bytes)



(will fit most nonprogressive Lee, Lyman, RCBS, Pacific reloading presses)

(Lee Auto-Prime Shell Holders are for Lee hand-held priming tools)

two LEE R1, for 22 Rem Jet/256 Win Mag/38 S&W/38 Colt NP/38 Colt Short/38 Colt Long/38 Spec/.357 Mag/41 Long Colt, $4 each

one LYMAN X2 (same as Lee 2), for 22-250/22 BR/22-250/240 Weath/243 Win/6mm Rem/25'06/257 Roberts/7mm Mauser/270 Win/280 Rem/284 Win/300 Sav/308 Win (7.62 NATO)/30'06/7.65 Argentine/7.7 Jap/8mm Mauser/35 Rem/35 Whelen/358 Win/357 Automag/9mm Mauser/401 Win/44 Automag/45 ACP, $4

three RCBS 1 (same as Lee 6), for 218 Bee/25-20/32-20/9mm Para (Luger)/38 Super (Auto)/41 AE, $4 each

one RCBS 2 (same as Lee 3), for 22 Savage/25-35 Win/6.5x55 Swedish Mauser/6.5 Jap/7-30 Waters/30 Herrett/30-30 Win/307 Win/7.5 Schmidt-Rubin/32 Win Spec/32-40 Win/356 Win/357 Herrett/375 Win/38-55 Win & Ballard, $4

four RCBS 5 (same as Lee 8), 7.62x54 Russian/8x68 S Mauser/33 Win/348 Win/378 Weatherby/38-40/416 Rigby/44-40/45 Auto Rim/45-70/45-90/460 Weatherby/50AE, $4 each

one RCBS 8 (same as Lee 13), for 45 Auto Rim, $4

two RCBS 9 (same as Lee 2), for 6.5x52 Carcano/6.5x54 Mannlicher-Schoenauer/35 Rem/most 30'06 type bases, $4 each

one RCBS 10 (same as Lee 4), for 17 Rem/221 Fireball/222 Rem/222 Mag/223 (5.56 NATO)/6.5 STCU/7 TCU/32 Colt/32 S&W/380 ACP (9mm Kurtz), $4

one RCBS 11 (same as Lee 10), for 220 Swift/225 Win/257 Roberts, $4

one RCBS 12 (same as Lee 7), for 22 Hornet/22K-Hornet/30 Carbine, $4

three RCBS 14 (same as Lee 8), for 33 Win/378 Weatherby/45-70/460 Weatherby, $4 each

one RCBS 19, for 25 Rem, 30 Rem, 32 Rem, $4

two RCBS 23 (same as Lee 4), 32 S&W Long/32 H&R Mag, $4 each

one RCBS 26 (same as Lee 5), for 7 Rem Mag/7x65 Rimmed/300 Win Mag, $4

one RCBS 27 (same as Lee 19), for 30 Mauser/30 Luger/9mm Para (Luger)/38 Super (ACP)/224 Weatherby/10mm Auto/40 S&W/41 AE, $4

two RCBS 28 (same as Lee 11), for 444 Marlin, $4 each

three LEE 3 Auto-Prime, for 22 Sav/219 Zipper/25-35/7.5 Schmidt-Rubin/30 Herrett/30-30 Win/32 Win Spec/32-40 Win/375 Win/38-55 Win/408 Win, $2 each

two LEE 4 Auto-Prime, for 17 Rem/221 Fireball/222 Rem/222 Rem Mag/223 (5.56 NATO)/6x47 (6mm)(222M)/32 Short Colt/32 Long Colt/32 S&W/32 S&W Long/32 Colt NP/380 Auto (9mm Kurtz), $2 each

two LEE 5 Auto-Prime, for 257 Roberts/303-25/6.5 Rem Mag/264 Win Mag/270 Weatherby/7x61 S&H/7mm Rem Mag/7mm Weatherby/30-40 Krag/300 H&H/300 Weatherby/300 Win Mag/308 Norma Mag/303 Brit/8mm Rem Mag/338 Win Mag/340 Weatherby/35 Win/350 Rem Mag/358 Norma Mag/375 H&H/375 Weatherby/38-40 Win/44-40/458 Win Mag/455 Webley, $2 each

one LEE 7 Auto-Prime, for 22 Hornet/22 K Hornet/30 Carbine, $2

two LEE 8 Auto-Prime, for 33 Win/348 Win/40-82 Win/45-70, $2 each

two LEE 9 Auto-Prime, for .41 Mag, $2 each

shellholder.JPG (45958 bytes)



one #26, 6.5mm/.260, $1

one #28, 7mm/.280, $1

one #31, .303/.32/7.65/7.7, $1

three #32, 8mm/.32, $1 each

one #35, .38/.357/.358/.35, $1

pilot.JPG (24357 bytes)